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Polish a turd

Taught by TA Captain Bigballs | Edit Tagged as polish a turd, | 0 Comments »

After the BD guys land the deal, someone has got to execute on their promises

As in...
So you sold them a mainframe from 1985 disguised as a trip to the moon and a gold plated rolls Royce. Why do I feel like I'm going to need to polish a turd to pull this off?

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Taught by TA Ryan | Edit Tagged as deliverable, hangover, product, production, spreadsheet, turd, work, | 0 Comments »

A fancy word for the thing that is produced as a result of your work - a product. This could be a spreadsheet, an email, a powerpoint, a web design, or a turd.

As in...
Steve: Jan, I'm going to need that deliverable by EOD tomorrow. Is that going to be a problem?

Jan: Well, considering I've got a date tonight and will probably be hungover as hell tomorrow, yes, it is.