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Touch base

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An increasingly common part of the 'overworked and underlaid' managers lexicon, 'Touch Base' is code for:

'I would very much like to act on my barely suppressed erotic desire for you by getting to first base at your earliest convenience.'

As in...
Bob, let me touch base with you early next week.

[Bob will of course understand this to mean that John will block out the board room, organise fresh towels, and bring scented massage oil]

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Taught by R. Chappelle | Edit Tagged as cadence, commitment, deliverable, objective, project, roadmap, touch base, | 0 Comments »

What you're going to do regarding a specific objective or commitment over a fixed period of time. Don't call it a plan or a project. It's a roadmap.

As in...
James: "What I think we should do is touch base Wednesday PM to lay out the roadmap and schedule a cadence for the deliverables. Right now I need to go and slam my head in a door while emitting a discordant screech of self-loathing."

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Touch base

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as communicate, contact, holler, reach out, reassignment, touch base, | 1 Comments »

Another way of explaining to someone that you need to or will be contacting them or someone else to discuss matters

As in...
Hey Bill, let me know when you're available today. My schedule is more or less open but I noticed you are booked most of the day. We need to touch base on the Pamela Anderson gender reassignment surgery blog I'm going to post tomorrow morning. Need to get my facts straight. Thanks, and holler at your boy.