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Taught by Robyn Ireland | Edit Tagged as effort, facilitate, force, move, push, | 0 Comments »

To push, force, facilitate, speed, or otherwise move something through a legislative or approval process.

As in...
What would it take to effort this legislation through quickly?

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Push back

Taught by David | Edit Tagged as push back, | 0 Comments »

A polite and sophisticated way of telling your co-worker to go to hell along with his silly ideas.

As in...
I understand that your previous manager allowed you to listen to the radio at a reasonable volume but I'm going to have to push back a little. Please have the radio removed from your cube by EOD, thanks.

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Pushing the envelope

Taught by Pyra | Edit Tagged as pushing the envelope, | 0 Comments »

Allowing for more, pushing the technology to the maximum to give the employees the capability to do more and more.

As in...
We are pushing the envelope to enhance the system so that you can do more to serve our clients more effectively.

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Taught by TA Jason | Edit Tagged as dick, free shoes, monaco, pushback, richard, | 0 Comments »

Corporate speak for disagreement. This usually comes in the form of email courage or some incredibly ignorant team member that wants to make a personal stand against a decision

As in...
Roger, we're getting some pushback on the "free shoes for homeless African babies" campaign. Richard (Dick) seems to think it's a waste of money. He said we should do the corporate retreat in Monaco this year instead.

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Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as drive, lead, organize, pitch team, presentation, push, run, | 2 Comments »

To lead or run something

As in...
Jim, since you're the only member of the pitch team below the Senior VP level, we're going to need you to drive the presentation. I'm not sure if you're aware, but none of the rest of us really know what we're talking about.