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Grease the skids

Taught by Jeff | Edit Tagged as grease the skids, heads-up, loosen up, preparation, | 0 Comments »

The art of loosening up a tight department head with a very rigid process before you submit something to get through his workflow. Pre-inform, heads up, etc...

As in...
Ok, i see where we're headed. Let me go and grease the skids with Release Management before we put this in for review.

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Ramp up

Taught by TA Esteban Maneshevitz | Edit Tagged as get ready, prep, ramp up, survive, | 1 Comments »

Learn what you need to survive as fast as possible

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Randall, I need you to ramp up on the productivity reporting software package by EOD. Let me know if that's going to be a problem.

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Drink from the fire hose

Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as best practices, conference, drink from the fire hose, learn, marketing, prep, viagra, | 1 Comments »

to quickly learn everything there is to learn about a subject

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Team, we are presenting "Best Practices for Marketing Viagra Online" tomorrow morning at the conference. If we're going to get this prep done in time we're going to need to drink from the fire hose tonight.