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Taught by Michael Arrington | Edit Tagged as download, incent, laundry, offer, | 0 Comments »

To bribe someone else to take action on something by offering a prize or discount

As in...
We're going to need to incent them to download the 600mb, 15 second video clip. Why don't we offer a free trip to the laundry mat?

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Taught by TA Jason | Edit Tagged as cj, commission, incentivized, iPod, iTunes, offer, sexual favors, | 0 Comments »

Coaxed into doing something, either by sexual favors or the dream of a free iPod

As in...
We just launched a great new incentivized offer on the Commission Junkyshit network - sign up for 2.4 years of Advanced Toilet Training for the Elderly and get 36 free downloads from iTunes. We've had an amazing response so far!