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Taught by TA Captain Bigballs | Edit Tagged as concept, creative, execution, Mac, product, result, | 0 Comments »

The product that comes as a result of actually creating something once the concept phase is complete

As in...
I'm really happy with this execution for the Smith & Wesson campaign. I thought I was going to end up shooting myself when my Mac froze up and I had to start all over.

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Like a whale eating plankton

Taught by TA Radman | Edit Tagged as cable network, company, data, like a whale eating plankton, machine, matter, project, sales guy, team, | 0 Comments »

When a very large amount of data that doesn't individually matter, feeds a huge beast of a machine, project, company, or team in a way that does matter.

As in...
George the Cable Network Sales Guy: It's really amazing, really. All those points, just floating around out there, millions and millions of them. My boss likes to say it's like a whale eating plankton.

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Taught by TA Frankie 4Fingers | Edit Tagged as download, drivers, mac, mouse, pc, plug-and-play, | 0 Comments »

PC and Mac devices that are designed to work simply by connecting them to the computer

As in...
If that left handed mouse you ordered me was supposed to be plug-and-play, why have I been downloading drivers for 6 hours?

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Flesh out

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as anal, flesh out, MacGuyver, porn, produce, website, | 3 Comments »

To give substance or detail to; to fill out

As in...
Team, once we have the concept of the new midget porn website ready we can begin to flesh out the content channels. I'm thinking supermarket produce uses, fun with MacGuyver inventions, and anal play. Your thoughts?