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Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as behavioral modeling, Clowns in a Jar, conversions, hand raisers, hand-raisers, leads, leverage, marketer originated, response, ROI-driven, run this up the flag pole, salute, toe-tapping, | 1 Comments »

Perhaps one of the most blatantly marketer originated terms in use today, this term is a fancy, toe-tapping way to say - someone is asking for more information.

(although it may also conotate asking a question, but usually not when used in reference to the general populace - in meetings where marketing folks are talking)

As in...
We need to leverage our behavioral modeling so as to maximize our ROI-driven response to the hand raisers, while not ignoring the response to our high-level Clowns in a Jar campaign with the leads and the conversions. In fact, we need to run this up the flag pole and see who salutes ASAP.