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Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as boss, bright and early, company, counting on you, end of day, EOD, eod, everyone else, first thing tomorrow, forgot, free MSN dinner, home, Louis XII, meeting, Nobu, opp build out, opp buildout, piece, project, scorpions, shots, someone else, tomorrow, widget, | 1 Comments »

End of Day: (1) The time when your boss, team, or the company is most likely to ask you to do something they forgot needed to be done; (2) When you are most likely to get something you need for your piece of a project from someone else; (3) When you are most likely to get something dropped on your lap, which you need to run up the flag pole, yet everyone else is already home, enjoying their evening, and it is due "first thing tomorrow".

As in...
William (timestamp of email: 5:59:01.344455): Giligan, I need you to complete that Opp Buildout on the Scorpions Widget for our meeting first thing tomorrow. I know you're going to do a great job for us, and I'm counting on you. Giligan: Isn't that meeting at 9:00AM? William: Yes. Yes it is. See you bright and early. I've got a free MSN dinner to go to... Louis XIII shots... Nobu... you know. Peace.