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Thinking again. As in more than once. About the same thing, or topic, or idea. Yes. We are good at ideas. Thank you.

As in...
I found this gem in a recent marketing email newsletter I read:

"OVER THE LAST YEAR, TALKS about branded entertainment have picked up serious momentum, and the deal cycle -- from concept to execution -- has become hyper-accelerated. This embracing of entertainment as a marketing platform as opposed to a marketing tool shows a phenomenal trend in rethinking about reaching consumers online." - by Chris Young, Making Friends And Influencing Influencers - Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???!!! Why do marketers say things like this? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???!!! Is there a real point in there, and is it even a grammatically correct sentence and thought structure?

Who feels dumber for reading that, and or like you are being sold something, but don't know quite what... yet?