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Taught by Andrew K. Lee | Edit Tagged as email, EOM, eom, subject lines, time savers, | 0 Comments »

"End of Message." Used in the subject line of an email to indicate that the subject line is the entire content of the email. Supposedly, this saves time as recipients do not have to open the message, but only read the subject line. (The reality, of course, is that because email and computer settings are all so different, everyone ends up opening the blank email anyway.)

As in...
In an email subject line: "Workgroup meeting today at noon EOM."

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Inbox me

Taught by Kevin | Edit Tagged as bangkok, bro, convo, deals, douche bag, email, inbox me, vandersexx, | 0 Comments »

The douche way to ask someone to send you an email

As in...
Hey man, remember that convo we had re: deals in bangkok last week? I can't seem to remember the deets so I was hoping you could inbox me the info. Thanks bro. See you tonight at Club Vandersexx.

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Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as branded, concept, deal, deal cycle, dumber, embracing, entertainment, execution, feel, feels, gem, good at ideas, good idea, hyper-accelerated, idea, ideas, marketing, marketing email, marketing newsletter, momentum, newsletter, phenomenal, platform, quote chris young, reaching consumers, rethinking, serious momentum, sold, thinking, tool, topic, trend, | 1 Comments »

Thinking again. As in more than once. About the same thing, or topic, or idea. Yes. We are good at ideas. Thank you.

As in...
I found this gem in a recent marketing email newsletter I read:

"OVER THE LAST YEAR, TALKS about branded entertainment have picked up serious momentum, and the deal cycle -- from concept to execution -- has become hyper-accelerated. This embracing of entertainment as a marketing platform as opposed to a marketing tool shows a phenomenal trend in rethinking about reaching consumers online." - by Chris Young, Making Friends And Influencing Influencers - Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???!!! Why do marketers say things like this? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???!!! Is there a real point in there, and is it even a grammatically correct sentence and thought structure?

Who feels dumber for reading that, and or like you are being sold something, but don't know quite what... yet?

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Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as email, incentivize, iPod, spam, | 0 Comments »

To provide a benefit for accomplishing a task

As in...
In order to get them to sign up for our penis spam, we need to incentivize them with a free iPod.