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Beating a dead horse

Taught by Batman | Edit Tagged as analysis, beating a dead horse, death, done, equine, | 0 Comments »

the act of over informing, over defining, over flogging a colleague who has an issue.

As in...
I think we understand what happened and we're beating a dead horse here, people.

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Taught by Holly | Edit Tagged as death, end-of-lifed, | 0 Comments »

Stopped using or supporting a product, usually a software package.

As in...
We end-of-lifed Pentaho and transitioned to Omniture.

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Gum surgery

Taught by TA Esteban Maneshevitz | Edit Tagged as annoying, death, gum surgery, painful, | 0 Comments »

Very, extremely, almost intolerable pain, in terms of a completely a task

As in...
We're going to need to audit their conversion path for sure. I started to go through their application process, but honestly it was like gum surgery so I had to stop. Do you want to handle that part?

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Mission critical

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as deals, death, military, mission critical, pizza, starbucks, war, | 0 Comments »

Attempting to relate the importance of a particular aspect of a business initiative to the importance of a particular aspect of a military campaign in hopes of invoking a metaphorical reference to death, whether it be a soldier dying or a failed business deal.

As in...
Guys, we need you all to focus. I know Friday is pizza day and that the Starbucks delivery this morning has everyone in a frenzy but we need to buckle down and crank out this new constitutional amendment. For god's sake, it's mission critical to our re-election. Focus!