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Taught by All Buzzed Out | Edit Tagged as connect, | 0 Comments »

To meet about something

As in...
Can we connect on Monday?

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Taught by Hardknocker | Edit Tagged as connections, facilitate, lead, meeting, | 0 Comments »

To lead or take the initiative to make something happen

As in...
Steve is going to go ahead and facilitate a meeting between Donna and Joe. Aside from the obvious connections, Donna really likes her agency partners to be bald and well hung. It's a win-win.

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Go to bat

Taught by Michael Arrington | Edit Tagged as baseball, connect, facebook, go to bat, like, represent, social graph, taste graph, | 0 Comments »

Represent on someone's behalf

As in...
I know you're just trying to take my job, but since I'm a total loser with no self-respect I'll go to bat for you and tell the management it was your idea to create a social graph and connect the whole internet via a seamless web of personal taste and preference via individual objects and datapoints.

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Invitation to connect

Taught by TA Jason | Edit Tagged as dick, freely, invitation to connect, | 1 Comments »

I want to try to sell you something, perhaps myself (I happen to be completely awesome)

As in...
Pussy Keeper,
Pussy Keeper has indicated you are a fellow group member of Search Engine Land:
I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Andrey

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Taught by TA Captain Bigballs | Edit Tagged as communication, disconnect, miscommunication, | 2 Comments »

A misunderstanding or failure to communicate

As in...
Steve: Jim, we just received an order for a black bucketmaster3000. Does that sound right to you?

Jim: Steve, we stopped selling that model in 1964. I'll go down to sales and see where the disconnect is.

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Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as always connected, not coming in, remote, virtual office, working from home, | 0 Comments »

Not physically in a central location.

As in...
In an age where we are constantly connected to one another through email, text message, cell phone, instant message, and video conferencing, the need to physically sit next to another member of your team is virtually nonexistant, as in:

Stan: Team, I will be remote tomorrow as I have a lot of writing to do on my proposal that is due Friday.

Ryan: What does that mean?

Stan: It means I'll be sitting on my couch writing my response. If you need me, call the cell.