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Taught by Learned Hand | Edit Tagged as communicate, report, share, | 0 Comments »

To tell; to say; to report; to communicate.

As in...
Ivan shared that the third-quarter plan would leverage the second-quarter learnings to give us a process uplift.

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Taught by TA Esteban Maneshevitz | Edit Tagged as communicate, contact, liase, speak, | 2 Comments »

Just another word to say you communicated with someone else. It can be through email, phone, IM, text, smoke signals, or the old fashioned art of face to face speaking.

As in...
Steve: We're still looking into your issue, Joe. I'm scheduled to liaise with accounting later on this afternoon. I'll be sure to reach out and touch base with you shortly thereafter.

Joe: You're an idiot.

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Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as bandwidth, communicate, leverage, opportunity, ping, prior life, | 0 Comments »

A fancy version of the word "use" which is normally seen when a lower level person is communicating with an upper level person and is intended to make them look like they are more important than they really are

As in...
John would be a great addition to the development team. In his prior life he was the team lead at Schnocker Software so there is a lot of opportunity to leverage his product knowledge to help us make a sale. I'll ping him and see if he has any bandwidth for the sales initiative.

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Hard stop

Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as circle back, communicate, cut off, hard stop, meeting, phone call, | 2 Comments »

a definitive cut off to a meeting or phone call for a certain person, usually communicated while the meeting or call is already in progress

As in...
Team, just want to let you know that I have a hard stop at 11:15. Can we please discuss the outstanding action items so we can circle back at 5?

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Touch base

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as communicate, contact, holler, reach out, reassignment, touch base, | 1 Comments »

Another way of explaining to someone that you need to or will be contacting them or someone else to discuss matters

As in...
Hey Bill, let me know when you're available today. My schedule is more or less open but I noticed you are booked most of the day. We need to touch base on the Pamela Anderson gender reassignment surgery blog I'm going to post tomorrow morning. Need to get my facts straight. Thanks, and holler at your boy.

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Reach out

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as communicate, ideas, libel, reach out, slander, | 1 Comments »

To communicate with someone through some analog or digital channel.

As in...
She told me she'd reach out to her lawyer and get the facts about slander. I'm pretty sure that she's confusing the blog entry about her being a coked up whore with libel. For it to be slander, it would have to be said aloud. Anyway, I'll circle back with you after she's had a chance to reach out.