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Irons in the fire

Taught by Roger Dodger | Edit Tagged as busy, irons in the fire, really, really, | 0 Comments »

This is what self-important people say when they want other people to think that they've got a lot going on.

As in...
Facebook Status Update: sooo many irons in the fire!! thinking only positive thoughts and excited for changes coming my way! :) very happy!

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Come across my desk

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as come across my desk, look at me - I'm important, look busy, middle-middle manager, quintessential, RFP, staple, testify, | 1 Comments »

A phrase used to testify for all to hear within earshot, to the fact that you watched, with your own two eyes, a document literally, or figuratively, appear on your actual desk, and that you took note of that fact.

Typically used by people that do not have a lot to do, other than "look busy", this is a quintessential, "look at me, I'm important" staple. You know who you are, and we know why you use it, and now so does everybody else.

As in...
Veronica, the middle-middle manager SME: I can't tell all of you over at Fancy-Feast how excited I was when I saw your RFP come across my desk!

I love your brand, and me AND my 19 cats, aspire to the high end image it represents for all cat ladies world-wide.