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Strategic misrepresentation

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Providing a upside-biased non-congruent explanation of the verifiable state of affairs, engineered to positively influence the views of counter-parties, and facilitate stronger stakeholder engagement. (AKA misspeaking, bullshitting, lying). (See Bent Flyvvbjerg)

As in...
'Bob, as you can see our new iFarc is a real game changer. That said, it's not just about ahead-of-the-curve hardware though, we've raised the bar with some serious value-add for your end-user! We'll provide you with bundled high level strategic misrepresentation to enable maximal engagement vis-a-vis your human capital.'

Uh, Should there be smoke coming out of it?



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Making shit up to sound smart

As in...
I'm just repurposing this deck and wordsmithing some of the old slides. I think Roger worked on this and he also wears those black plastic framed glasses, so you know what kind of things he writes.