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Manage expectations

Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as budgets, chapter 11, manage expectations, marketing, results, | 1 Comments »

Letting clients know that the results are going to suck before the results are actually in

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With the client's Q4 marketing budget of 7 bucks, it's going to very important for the team to manage expectations early on. We should certainly let them know far in advance that they're going to be filing chapter 11 in mid November for sure.

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Rounding error

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as acquisition, budgets, online marketing, promotion, rounding error, | 1 Comments »

a cynical way to describe how little of the overall budget was allocated to your marketing campaign

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Jake. My man. Who the hell cares if actually get any new customers out of this online campaign? I mean, seriously. At the end of the day the budget we have to work with is just a rounding error on the balance sheet.