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To have capacity and/or authority to perform a task

As in...
Jim Bob asked me to head the tiger team on that problem because he didn't have the bandwidth to do it himself.

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(1) Most commonly used in Vegas or the game of Poker, this is the process of putting your money on the line in order to participate in the game. (2) In the consulting and media world, this term is used to convey the concept of other people believing in, or backing up, or putting their approval behind an idea, project, or team.

As in...
In order to get some Designer Bandwidth for our 1003 page deck pitch on Monday, we really need the Creative Director's Buy-In on our "Weeds in the Grass" concept.

Without a real graphic artists skills on this, our visuals will blow the pitch completely for us... you remember last time Chin Su tried her hand at "polishing" up a deck? Wow... I still have nightmares about being laughed out of that pitch, with her artwork, and then Bobby's explosive diarrhea farting...

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A fancy version of the word "use" which is normally seen when a lower level person is communicating with an upper level person and is intended to make them look like they are more important than they really are

As in...
John would be a great addition to the development team. In his prior life he was the team lead at Schnocker Software so there is a lot of opportunity to leverage his product knowledge to help us make a sale. I'll ping him and see if he has any bandwidth for the sales initiative.

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the total amount of attention you can give to a task

As in...
Who has the bandwidth to help us work on the Shnoogan and Prockter pitch deck this week? It's going to be all hands on deck if we're going to get this deliverable out on time.