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Taught by Aquelinda | Edit Tagged as ballpark, finesse, massage, | 0 Comments »

Used as a verb meaning work something until it fits the desired result; shortcut; estimate

As in...
Terry can finesse the numbers to meet the targets.

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Taught by Hardknocker | Edit Tagged as ass, desert, dessert, feedback, idea, | 0 Comments »

Critiques and criticism regarding something someone has done. It's often delivered by someone who thinks they know it all

As in...
Hey Steve, can I offer some feedback? I think you're idea would work better if you stuck it up your ass and walked around with if for a week in the middle of the desert.

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Taught by TA Captain Bigballs | Edit Tagged as acquire, assnuts, google, googleballs, pivot, profitability, startup, | 1 Comments »

A word used to describe a startup changing their business plan... again. Most likely because it was crap to begin with. This usually happens several times.

As in...
Launched in 2004, grew at an astounding 300% year over year until 2005, at which point we decided to pivot the model to reflect more of a profitability play. In February 2005, AssNuts was acquired by GoogleBalls for $760 billion and later dismantled and burned to bits.

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Taught by TA Captain Bigballs | Edit Tagged as black plastic glasses, bullshit generator, making shit up, sounding smart, wordsmithing, | 0 Comments »

Making shit up to sound smart

As in...
I'm just repurposing this deck and wordsmithing some of the old slides. I think Roger worked on this and he also wears those black plastic framed glasses, so you know what kind of things he writes.

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Taught by TA Jason | Edit Tagged as ass, guacamole, key, shitting, takeaway, wipe, | 0 Comments »

An extremely valuable point - whatever you do, don't forget it

As in...
Today's key takeaway is to always remember to wipe twice after releasing a mexican meal. Guacamole comes out much the same way that it goes in.

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Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as bandwidth, Buy In, Buy-In, buy-in, consulting world, creative director, explosive diarrhea, media world, weeds in the grass, | 0 Comments »

(1) Most commonly used in Vegas or the game of Poker, this is the process of putting your money on the line in order to participate in the game. (2) In the consulting and media world, this term is used to convey the concept of other people believing in, or backing up, or putting their approval behind an idea, project, or team.

As in...
In order to get some Designer Bandwidth for our 1003 page deck pitch on Monday, we really need the Creative Director's Buy-In on our "Weeds in the Grass" concept.

Without a real graphic artists skills on this, our visuals will blow the pitch completely for us... you remember last time Chin Su tried her hand at "polishing" up a deck? Wow... I still have nightmares about being laughed out of that pitch, with her artwork, and then Bobby's explosive diarrhea farting...

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Taught by TA Captain Bigballs | Edit Tagged as command, drive, feedback, lead, run, sexual harassment, | 0 Comments »

To lead a project or discussion

As in...
So far, we've had 13 people respond to the sexual harassment training workshop. Do we have any idea who is going to drive the feedback session?

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Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as best of breed, product, service, solution, world class, | 1 Comments »

A product or service to be sold

As in...
Greg, we are a different kind of web design company. Unlike our competitors, we don't simply provide web sites. Instead, we provide best of breed, world class, customer-focused, e-tail solutions.

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Pass the baton

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as blame, burdenship, come from behind scenario, fail, pass the baton, pooper-scooper, SME, team, | 0 Comments »

When one member of a "team", using the term "team" loosely, feels they are done with their piece in a process, they perform this action which they believe will alleviate them from any blame upon a major fail, leaving the burdenship on the next party in the process.

As in...
Reginald: Marketing Research just finished our report on the state of the Pooper-scooper market space, and needless to say, the outlook is crappy to say the least. Best case, it is a come from behind scenario.

That said, we're ready to pass the baton over to the SME pitch team. Good luck winning the biz on our case models!

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Touch base

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as communicate, contact, holler, reach out, reassignment, touch base, | 1 Comments »

Another way of explaining to someone that you need to or will be contacting them or someone else to discuss matters

As in...
Hey Bill, let me know when you're available today. My schedule is more or less open but I noticed you are booked most of the day. We need to touch base on the Pamela Anderson gender reassignment surgery blog I'm going to post tomorrow morning. Need to get my facts straight. Thanks, and holler at your boy.

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In a nutshell

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as boss, in a nutshell, jackass, quit, resignation, text message, | 0 Comments »

Often used to mark the point of the conversation or document where the speaker or writer is going to attempt to summarize the learnings into a concise, easily understood statement.

As in...
Well John, my experience with Jacoby and Hobins has been extremely valuable to me. I've been able to work along side some brilliant minds and bounce ideas off of very respected people in the field of trading. And although it pains me to have to send you this news by text message, I must get it off my chest. In a nutshell, I think you're a jackass and I quit.