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Taught by TA Esteban Maneshevitz | Edit Tagged as approach, chicken pot pie, deck, ding dong, vanilla, | 1 Comments »

Plain, watered down, not customized at all

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George, check your email. I forwarded you a pitch deck for a half million rubber ding dongs. Make sure you change out the approach slides though as they're fairly vanilla and won't be a good fit for your deck. Good luck on the chicken pot pie pitch next week.

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Stream of consciousness

Taught by TA Captain Bigballs | Edit Tagged as approach, campaign, direct response, evergreen, learnings, leverage, optimization, stream of consciousness, viral growth, | 3 Comments »

I'm just going to make it up as I go

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Pardon my stream of consciousness approach to explaining the goals of the campaign, but what we need to do is drive acquisition through a revolutionary direct response program, enable viral growth at all the right intervals, speak to the masses where it makes sense, and leverage past learnings to maintain a strict optimization standard as we continue to develop our evergreen strategy for Q4. Does that make sense?

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Speak to

Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as approach, high level, promotion, speak to, talk about, | 1 Comments »

To talk about a particular subject

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I thought the approach was very high level, but unless I somehow missed it, you didn't speak to the difficulty middle managers have in speaking to large groups about promotion opportunities.

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Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as approach, experience, influence, informed, pitch team, RFP, | 0 Comments »

influenced by

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Schnocker was a great addition to the pitch team. His work on the Gerber 4 Life RFP response was amazing to begin with, but after leveraging his prior life's experience as a Pimp in Detroit, he was able to offer an informed approach that only a father-figure like he could pull off.

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Taught by TA Captain Bigballs | Edit Tagged as angle, approach, business development, perspective, strip club, | 0 Comments »

When a topic is approached or viewed from a certain specific angle; usually used by a person that has absolutely no perspective at all

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From a business development perspective, your $4000 bill at the strip club is completely justified, George. Good work laying on the shmooze. I think we have this one in the bag.

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Circle back the wagons

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as approach, balls in the air, circle back the wagons, conversation, factor, factored, fontier expansion, leveraging, old west era, outer space view, outer-space view, perspective, the test of time, | 0 Comments »

Presumably from the old west era of frontier expansion, this phrase has stood the test of time, and currently implies getting a group of people to simply pay attention, or gather in a place they already were in only 5 minutes prior.

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Now that we've thoroughly examined the high-level leveraging approach to factored Big Balls in the Air, let's circle back the wagons and have a conversation about yogurt from an outer space view, or perspective if you will.

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High level

Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as approach, high level, low level, strategy, thinking, | 0 Comments »

An approach to a strategy discussion that has nothing to do with details, usually taken by someone who has no idea how things actually get done

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Why does high level thinking have to presuppose that there is an unfortunate class of lower level thinkers?