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Add value

Taught by David | Edit Tagged as add value, | 0 Comments »

A fancy way of telling someone that you are trying to find something useful to do with yourself while on the clock.

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How can I add value to this project other than showing up to work at noon and falling asleep in my cube?

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Art vs. science

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as add value, art, empathy, go to market, personas, science, value add, | 0 Comments »

The idea that there are two components of every marketing initiative, and one, without the other, is virtually useless.

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John, this the classic art vs. science scenario. We need to go to market with an empathetic approach that will allow us to speak to our market on a personal level, while at the same time understanding the triggers that will cause the most valuable interactions with our brand.