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Taught by DJ Burn | Edit Tagged as deliverable, engineering, jargon, project, | 0 Comments »

Something you can deliver to the client.

As in...
As the project reaches its conclusion, we expect all deliverables to be issued in a timely manner.

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Moving parts

Taught by Riaan Verster | Edit Tagged as actioning, deliverable, Moving, moving parts, | 0 Comments »

A number of complex elements or concepts (usually requiring finalisation or integration) as part of a larger deliverable.

As in...
This transaction has so many moving parts that it may be best to take a few of them offline for actioning.

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Taught by Gambit4PM | Edit Tagged as actionable, | 0 Comments »

An essential requirement to turn waffle-speak into practice. Potentially fatal to career if used in meetings before necessary due diligence has been undertaken.

As in...
Following your annual (non)performance review, we need you to address the following actionable points...

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Taught by lobs | Edit Tagged as , able, across, all over it, competent, | 0 Comments »

Useful when 'competent' or 'able to handle something' sounds too low rent.

As in...
That's not in my swim lane my friend, but Bob is across that information. He's all over it like a fat kid on a smartie.

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Taught by R. Chappelle | Edit Tagged as cadence, commitment, deliverable, objective, project, roadmap, touch base, | 0 Comments »

What you're going to do regarding a specific objective or commitment over a fixed period of time. Don't call it a plan or a project. It's a roadmap.

As in...
James: "What I think we should do is touch base Wednesday PM to lay out the roadmap and schedule a cadence for the deliverables. Right now I need to go and slam my head in a door while emitting a discordant screech of self-loathing."

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Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as career, enable, means, opportunity, resources, set of tools, | 0 Comments »

To provide with the means or opportunity

As in...
Gumtree excels in giving you a set of tools to enable you to tap into your own resources now and in the future, in order to achieve the career you want.

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Interestingly enough

Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as applications, checking accounts, facetious, interestingly enough, preface, unremarkable, | 0 Comments »

An overly facetious saying which normally prefaces some completely unremarkable news

As in...
We had a record breaking month in terms of completed checking account applications. Interestingly enough, we had 14 applicants that had the first name, "Bob."

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Low-hanging fruit

Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as deliverable, EOD, low-hanging fruit, ping, RFI, | 1 Comments »

the part of the project work your boss does before handing it off to you

As in...
Steve, I took out the low-hanging fruit earlier today so you should be able to knock this RFI response out by EOD. Make sure you think outside the box and ping me when you have the deliverable ready.

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Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as all hands on deck, bandwidth, deliverable, pitch deck, | 1 Comments »

the total amount of attention you can give to a task

As in...
Who has the bandwidth to help us work on the Shnoogan and Prockter pitch deck this week? It's going to be all hands on deck if we're going to get this deliverable out on time.

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Drop the ball

Taught by Lecturer Chuck E. Cheese | Edit Tagged as action item, buy-in, c-level, deliverable, draft, drop the ball, | 2 Comments »

to screw up on an important task

As in...
Steve, I've had it. I gave you the simple task of creating the list of deliverables for the meeting and you still manage to drop the ball. How are we going to get buy-in from the c-level if we can't even manage to draft a proper action item list?

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Like a whale eating plankton

Taught by TA Radman | Edit Tagged as cable network, company, data, like a whale eating plankton, machine, matter, project, sales guy, team, | 0 Comments »

When a very large amount of data that doesn't individually matter, feeds a huge beast of a machine, project, company, or team in a way that does matter.

As in...
George the Cable Network Sales Guy: It's really amazing, really. All those points, just floating around out there, millions and millions of them. My boss likes to say it's like a whale eating plankton.

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Taught by TA Ryan | Edit Tagged as deliverable, hangover, product, production, spreadsheet, turd, work, | 0 Comments »

A fancy word for the thing that is produced as a result of your work - a product. This could be a spreadsheet, an email, a powerpoint, a web design, or a turd.

As in...
Steve: Jan, I'm going to need that deliverable by EOD tomorrow. Is that going to be a problem?

Jan: Well, considering I've got a date tonight and will probably be hungover as hell tomorrow, yes, it is.

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Solve for

Taught by Lecturer Rapscallion | Edit Tagged as deliverable, rfp talk, solving, story, strategize, | 1 Comments »

To create a solution which answers a certain question

As in...
While we're strategizing our approach for this deliverable, let's keep in mind we need to solve for our ability turn our experience into a compelling story by way of an exceptional rfp response.