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Old school

Taught by TA Captain Bigballs | Permalink | Tagged as buzz, commission, facebook, impression, leverage, new school, old school, tattoo, viral, | Comments »

A school of thought that is more than a year old; prior to the year 2000, this was something that was more than 10 years old. As attention spans shrink, so does the amount of time that exists between "schools"

As in...
Jason, stop and listen to yourself for a minute. Leveraging Facebook with a new brand buzz application and attempting to enable a viral component online is out. That may have worked in Q1 2008, but this is Q3. Let's get out of the old school mentality please. I'm thinking we need to focus on human billboards a little more. Let's take advantage of the tattoo craze for a moment. How about impression based commissions on brand tattoos? It could be huge in the porn industry.

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