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see previous - more needs to be said about this important term

As in...
If you are wondering - Is "learnings" a word - No. It is not. IF you find yourself asking yourself, or others - "How do I use learnings in a sentence?" - You don't. Stop. Now. You are about to look really dumb. IF you find yourself trying to apply learnings - Stop. You will get hurt. They don't exist. IF you want to share learnings, don't be fooled - they are only in your head... don't share that insanity with anyone else. IF you try to teach others that learnings really is a real word - You will be Chuck Norris Beard-Fist Punched in the face. When you least expect it. IF you know the name of the person that tried to lie to you and teach you a word, learnings, that is not a word - Stop using it immediately, and un-friend them. Now. You're wasting valuable time. Really.

Other takes: learnings learnings learnings learnings

Actually, this definition sucks. Let me add my own. You can also share "learnings" with a friend or share it on Twitter.


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