Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the product of one too many corporate meetings. When we found ourselves making tick marks next to the most overused words in a conversation instead of taking notes we knew it was time to call these words out and ask for their immediate execution. Although we spend roughly 39 hours a week in "meetings" it's impossible that we're going to get all of these terms into the index. That's where you come in. Help us create the largest Corporate Buzzword Dictionary in the world by adding your favorite (or most hated) corporate buzzwords.

How do I add to the dictionary?
It's simple. Just click to add a term and then verify the posting via the email address you entered when you made the post.

How do I receive the new postings by email?
You can subscribe to in your favorite reader program. Here's a link to the RSS feed.

What is a tag?
A tag is a non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to a piece of information (such as an internet bookmark, database entry, digital image, or computer file). uses tags to identify entries, recall definitions, and allow searching across related terms in the index.

How are the words chosen that appear on the home page?
The words on the home page are the words that are currently active, meaning they either recieved a vote, a comment, or were recently posted. This helps us show everyone where the conversations are currently happening.

Why are there thumbs up/thumbs down on words and comments?
Thumb votes are directly tied to your total credits. Users can place a vote on terms and comments and these votes are added to the total votes for the person that made the post. You can read more about credits here.

Why do I need to sign up to post?
You don't. You can post without signing up as long as you provide an email address so we can email you a verification link (which you click on to actually approve the post). You can thank the spammers for that. If you're still worried about giving out your email address, you can get a throwaway email address at

Is my personal information safe?
Absolutely. We don't ask you for anything besides an email address (to verify your postings via emailed link) when you add a term or comment. Anything else you provide in your profile is completely up to you. If you're still worried about giving out your email address, you can get a throwaway email address at

What are credits and how do I get them?
Credits are our way of rewarding participation. Your total credits are calculated based on the following: the number of terms you add to the index, the number of comments you make, and the difference between the number of thumbs up and thumbs down votes you get on your postings. Depending on the total calculations, we award you a faculty position, either a Teaching Assistant, a Lecturer, an Assistant Professor, an Associate Professor, a Professor, or a Distinguished Professor. You can always see the most advanced faculty members on the footer of any page.

How do I edit my profile page?
First off, you'll need to create an account or sign in. Next just look for the links at the very top of the page and click on your Faculty page to see your recent posting/comment activity as well as your current credit total. If you click on account settings you can set things like your current position and company as well as your personal bio information. Remember that whatever you type here will be out there for all to see so don't be dumb and tell us your corporate extension unless you want to get some calls. Some really bad calls. From really bad people. Like bosses and CEOs.

How do I share my hilariousness with everyone else?
There are a few ways. When you make a post you can click the links at the bottom of the example to email it to your friends. We've also made it easy to post it to Twitter, you just need to click the link. In addition, the rest of the usual social bookmarking sites are listed, so feel free to add your definition page to whatever you like. If you want to share the site (or any individual pages) you can click one of the lnks down the right side to share the site on Digg, Fark, StumbleUpon, or whatever else you feel like doing.

How can I contact the Dean of
The Dean is an extremely busy businessman. If you're someone who is very important and has very important things to say, you can contact the Dean via email. Please be respectful of the Dean's time. The Dean will not respond to bitching, complaining, or requests for time off. Please take that up with your immediate managers.

Are there other fun things that are going to be launched on this site?
Yes, soon. We promise. If you've got some great ideas, email us!